• eastern meadowlark calling

    eastern meadowlark calling

  • snow bunting

    snow bunting
    male bunting with a beak full of insects to feed to its chick

  • icelandic redwing

    icelandic redwing

  • meadow pipit with lupines

    meadow pipit with lupines

  • pied wagtail with lunch

    pied wagtail with lunch

  • female snow bunting

    female snow bunting

  • pied wagtail

    pied wagtail

  • green tailed towhee

    green tailed towhee

  • lesser goldfinch

    lesser goldfinch

  • chihuahuan raven

    chihuahuan raven

  • juvenile orchard oriole

    juvenile orchard oriole

  • hooded-warbler

    during migration a stopover at Lafitte's cove, Texas

  • bobolink


  • eastern towhee male

    eastern towhee male

  • eastern towhee

    eastern towhee
    this female was with her mate and calling back and forth

  • loggerhead shrike

    loggerhead shrike

  • red cardinal

    red cardinal

  • common yellowthroat

    common yellowthroat

  • mourning dove in snowstorm

    mourning dove in snowstorm

  • ms bluebird waiting on spring

    ms bluebird waiting on spring

  • green jay

    green jay

  • white-winged dove

    white-winged dove
    golden light in the evening in Texas

  • red crossbill

    red crossbill
    uncommon and very irregular in connecticut, but there was an abundance of conifer seeds and many crossbills arrived in the area to feed

  • magnolia warbler

    magnolia warbler
    a stop over along the Texas coast during spring migration to refuel and continue on its journey north

  • white-winged crossbill , male

    white-winged crossbill , male

  • white-winged crossbill, female

    white-winged crossbill, female

  • american robin

    american robin
    eating a ripened crabapple

  • western meadowlark

    western meadowlark

  • tennessee warbler

    tennessee warbler
    a migratory stop at Lafitte's Cove in Texas, fueling up on nectar from this flowering bush

  • in a flurry

    in a flurry

  • tennessee warbler

    tennessee warbler
    feeding on nectar during migration at Lafitte's cove, Texas

  • female cardinal

    female cardinal

  • summer tananger

    summer tananger

  • painted bunting

    painted bunting
    a most colorful bird, male painted bunting in breeding plumage in Texas

  • scissor-tailed flycatcher

    scissor-tailed flycatcher

  • road-runner

    carrying a lizard or other prey is useful to entice a potential mate

  • orchard oriole

    orchard oriole
    first year orchard oriole, feeding on nectar from a bottle brush bush in Texas during migration

  • inca-doves_16830284566_o


  • hooded-warbler-male_29544548550_o


  • eastern meadowlark

    eastern meadowlark

  • canada warbler

    canada warbler
    during spring migration in texas

  • tufted titmouse

    tufted titmouse
    titmouse take-off

  • white-breasted nuthatch

    white-breasted nuthatch

  • american tree sparrow

    american tree sparrow
    perched on a mound of snow

  • prairie warbler

    prairie warbler

  • northern cardinal

    northern cardinal
    female cardinal looking for seeds in Texas dry dirt

  • new england penguin

    new england penguin

  • european starling

    european starling

  • carolina wren

    carolina wren

  • song sparrow

    song sparrow
    perched on the iced branch and looking back

  • chestnut-sided warbler

    chestnut-sided warbler
    perched in raspberry vines

  • chestnut-sided warbler

    chestnut-sided warbler
    perched on raspberry vines, this chestnut -sided warbler is showing his breeding plumage

  • female cardinal take off

    female cardinal take off

  • male bluebird in winter's snow

    male bluebird in winter's snow

  • blue-jay

    perched in crab apple tree