A little about myself...

There are moments in our life that have such a profound effect that our path begins anew.  For me, visiting Everglades National Park in Florida a decade ago, created an epiphany that has given my life a purpose, a responsibility, and a passion to utilize my photography as an invitation to service.  

Standing at the edge of  a wetland prairie and observing the expanse of the primeval landscape, a flock of birds in the distance caught my attention the second they appeared. It was that moment that a group of thirty something snowy egrets became my divine intervention that forged a stewardship of protection. I had never seen a snowy egret, or a flock of snowy egrets, and never such angelic grace . . . 

As if to reinforce both the beauty and the absence of such beauty, those snowy egrets continued on their way out of sight, leaving me transformed with a racing fervor of purpose.  In the seconds it took for the flock to pass, I understood what a privilege it was to witness such a fleeting treasure.    

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

North America Nature Photography Association  (NANPA)
National Audubon Association
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Canon Professional Services
Continued service to Great Gull Island Project (endangered roseate tern colony),  AMNH, Helen Hays      


How can my image tell a story, evoke emotion, provide information, and create opportunity for anyone to begin or strengthen a relationship with the natural world? What messages need to be spoken for creatures that can not speak? 

Some of the time I do the speaking, and present to various audiences the plight and challenges of specific species.  Sometimes, my images are utilized as documentation for ongoing conservation projects and are a link in the chain of environmental awareness. 

An image is the beginning of a teaching moment, and the start of a relationship that may have an impact that serves to protect and enhance our treasured environment.  My goal is to travel, photograph wildlife, and contribute to conservation awareness.




From more than 26,000 entries...

submitted to the 2017 Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice Awards, sixty images were selected to showcase the extraordinary work of outdoor photographers in 59 countries. United by their creativity and technical skill with a camera, these artists of all ages and experience share visions of nature to inspire its preservation.

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